Artic Mountains


I used this project as a study on Unreal Engine 4 and how to use it as I was likely going to have to work with UE4 in our next trimester projects in UTS ALA. This was the first time I tried using UE4 to create something original. 

I used World Machine to create a procedural landscape and generate a height-map from it. My early landscape in unreal looked pretty horrendous closeup since it just used a single texture map for the whole landscape. With some research I found better ways of texturing the landscape that allowed it to preserve detail even when zoomed up by scaling tiled Megascans maps based on your distance to the land and used normal directions to control where snow landed. I used some tutorials from this playlist and channel to help me through.

Overall a very fun project. Helped me learn the basics of UE4 more in depth and get used to lighting and cinematography in real time.